Curator - Gia's Second Life ™ Music Hall of Fame.
In Vogue Manager - Gia's Fashion Cabaret (Mondays)
In Vogue Host - Gia's Fashion Cabaret (Wednesdays)
Videographer - Thump Magazine
Owner - Tracy's Basement

Tracy is still a bit shy (when she's not hosting) but working to get over that. She's Fun, Flirty and like the 'girl next door'. Tracy loves to explore SL and find new places and of course shop. She's not much of a builder but is learning a bit here and there, is learning to be a scripter and has scripted a couple of things and also does SL Photography. Tracy LOVES the LIVE music scene in SL.
Tracy's favorite food would have to be pizza favorite candy IS chocolate, and fruit, well is chocolate covered strawberry a fruit?
Her favorite colors are Pink, Teal and Green and her Sl ambition is to be one of the most sought after Photographers in Second Life ™
Tracy would love a guy that will pamper her and treat her like the princess she is :). Someone who is sensitive to her feelings and is genuinely interested in what she has to say.
She dislikes Rudeness, Drama, Griefers and someone who comes on too strong. While she likes to flirt, she isnot looking for anything more in Second Life ™.